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Real Facts Matters

On October 3, 60 young people gathered in Saint George D'Oleron. Their main focus was to discuss media literacy and the dangers of fake news. The countries present were France, Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, Serbia and Italy. The work they did was varied, from making videos to brainstorming. There was little rest, but a lot of fun. The work was important, but more important was the friends we made and the experiences we had. Unfortunately, October 11 put an end to all the memorable moments. The activities at the beginning are really different from the activities at the end, we started with icebreakers and team building activities which then turned into brainstorming videos for video making. Overall the activities were really good, the best part of the project in someone's opinion. The activities taught us and showed us practical ways of how the media works, how information travels and comes together. The discussions during the sessions were amazing and showed us how essential freedom of expression is not only for ourselves but in relation to the media. We analyzed the methods of detecting fake news, discovered the major media conglomerates and the characteristics of their pages. How to evaluate and read articles and above all we learned hot to create our own media. But the media was not the only subject. The facilitators also coordinated a session on the whole Erasmus project, its advantages and its limits. We also had a quick hot session on how to write a project and how to come up with project ideas. The group worked really well together, the chemistry was amazing and it made it more fun and the free time even better. The food prepared daily was exceptional and the best compliments go to the chef. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. I really wish you could know you're in for the good times while you're still at it.😃

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