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Caroline Baillargeant

Project officer

     Caroline Baillargeants journey is more, than a story of success and adaptability in her career; it also reflects her dedication to making a difference in society at large. Currently residing in Paris and pursuing her year of studies as a Bachelor student at ILERI specializing in relations and political sciences Carolines educational path is enriched by her proficiency in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. Her accomplishments, including earning honors in the baccalaureate exam and achieving first class honors in the Key For School Cambridge Assessment English Diploma provide a strong foundation for her academic endeavors.

      Her hands on experience with dynamics is evident through her internship at the Military School where she worked on developing land decisions. Additionally her diverse professional roles ranging from cashier to team member at McDonalds demonstrate a wide range of skills such as customer service and teamwork in paced settings.

     In addition to her professional pursuits Carolines role as a project officer with La Generation de demain NGO represents a chapter in her life story. In this position she actively contributes to projects focused on creating impacts showcasing not only leadership abilities but also a genuine passion, for instigating change.

     Her dedication, to this governmental organization demonstrates her deep interest in not only grasping global political and social challenges but also engaging actively in finding solutions.

With her language skills and a blend of disciplined and compassionate work ethic in both professional and volunteer roles she emerges as a promising young expert with a profound grasp of and dedication, to the international community. Carolines journey tells a story of someone committed not to personal and career development but also to using her expertise and understanding for the benefit of society.


  • Fostering global understanding and cooperation.

  • Youth Empowerment and Leadership.

  • Social advocacy.

  • ...

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