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Organized by one of our Turkish partners, the training "Crisis Situations Management & Risk Assessment for Youth" took place in Istanbul , Turkey,  from 22 to 30 October 2021. The Generation of Tomorrow as well as participants from 7 other countries ( aged  between 18 and 25 years old) took part.

The objectives of the training:  

-  Improve participants' understanding and knowledge of risk and safety issues in youth projects;

- Address the role of youth workers in their communities;

- Compare the policies and practices of the participating organizations in the field of risk management, crisis response, the role of youth organizations in their communities;

- Develop participants' skills to manage risks and emergencies, eg conflict management;

- Create guidelines for youth organizations organizing international youth projects to increase the capacities of youth organizations to carry out quality projects in a safe and supportive environment and to increase their capacities to support their communities during difficult times with the main aim of preventing social exclusion and discrimination of the most vulnerable groups;

- Increase participants' knowledge of the Erasmus + program and support the creation of new projects at local, national and international level.


Crisis Situations
Management & Risk Assessment for Youth

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