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        The Generation of Tomorrow is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, which was born from a Franco-Macedonian collaboration in 2020.

     Through this union, we wish to set up various projects with exchanges of international young people in order to sensitize the Generation of Tomorrow on the future and to make it better.

      The Association wishes   share principles and values ​​which are particularly close to his heart and which seems important to him in everyday life, if we wish to live together, in serenity.  

         Its primary objectives will therefore be mainly related to raising the awareness of the young generation to the environment, strengthening solidarity throughout the world , promoting the human benefits provided by volunteering, developing informal education , and fighting against social isolation, learning to use social networks in a useful way for our society, deepening its openness, culture and language level by interacting with many people of different nationalities, the love of sharing and respect.

         We are a young, dynamic team determined to make each one the best version of themselves and also to offer this planet the version it deserves, because   it is in this way that each individual will be able to flourish and that he will emerge from this experience growing while having done good around him.

Do you share the same ideals and the same visions? Do you want to be part of this utopian adventure?

Do not wait any longer, go for it, the future needs you so join us and become the Generation of Tomorrow because as Gandhi announced "The difference between the possible and the impossible, is in the determination."

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