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European Future Green and Sustainable

European Future Green and Sustainable

     The Association LA GÉNÉRATION DE DEMAIN recently hosted the inaugural meeting for the "European Future - Green & Sustainable" project in Bordeaux, France. This event marked the commencement of our collaborative journey towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable European future.

     The meeting brought together diverse representatives from 8 NGOs, outlining the project's direction, key objectives, roles, and deliverables. Our focus was on ensuring a cohesive, collaborative execution plan.

     Critical components of the meeting included the presentation of the work packages (WP), detailing various activities like webinars, study visits, and training courses aimed at forwarding our mission. Each partner organization's roles and responsibilities were clarified, fostering accountability and ownership.

     The meeting also emphasized meticulous financial planning and budgeting, taking into account all facets of the project, from accommodation costs to minor expenses. The dissemination plan was presented, outlining strategic methods to publicize our project's progress and outcomes, aiming to engage a broader audience in our mission.

     Lastly, the evaluation and monitoring plan was introduced, showcasing our approach for continual assessment of the project's progress. Our kick-off meeting concluded with the signing of partnership agreements, an affirmation of our shared commitment to the project.

     This meeting set a promising tone for our journey ahead. As we embark on this mission, we anticipate the "European Future - Green & Sustainable" project to inspire a wave of eco-consciousness and sustainable practices across Europe.

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