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His history

Martin Tasevski, the president of Generation of Tomorrow, is a highly qualified and experienced person in the fields of history and education. He holds a BA in History and an MA in History of Education, which gave him a deep understanding of how societies and communities change over time.

Martin's passion for education goes beyond the walls of the classroom as he has been involved in numerous non-formal education projects as a participant, volunteer, group leader, coordinator, trainer and facilitator. He is always on the lookout for new, innovative teaching methods and is particularly interested in non-formal education, which he considers highly effective in promoting personal growth and development.

In addition to his work in education, Martin is currently pursuing a doctorate in anthropology and ethnology. His interest in these fields stems from her love for exploring different cultures, customs and traditions. This knowledge has informed his work with Generation de Demain, where he works to promote cross-cultural understanding and encourages young people to become global citizens.


Apart from his work with Generation of Tomorrow, Martin likes to spend his free time engaging in various activities. He loves to read and attend theater performances, and also enjoys spending time in nature. Whether biking, running or hiking in the mountains, Martin is always looking for new challenges and ways to push himself to grow and develop as a person.

Martin T
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Its main missions

  • Ensures the smooth running of the association: administration, logistics, human resources, team management.

  • Communicates on behalf of the association in the press, the media, and with members.

  • Motivates volunteers during actions carried out by the association.

  • Represent the association in front of its partners or the courts.

  • Sign contracts and agreements.

  • ...

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