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Her History

After graduating from BTS Tourism in 2014, Claire embarked on a journey that took her across the world. She worked in London's hotel industry and later in Casablanca, where she discovered her passion for yoga and became a certified teacher in 2015. Claire found that teaching yoga helped her promote physical and mental wellbeing in others, and she has since become an advocate for mindfulness and holistic health.

Claire then pursued a career in non-formal education and animation, working in children's and adult animation, organizing shows, teaching yoga, and leading workshops in various countries, including the Canary Islands, Lapland, and Bulgaria. These experiences helped her develop an open-mindedness towards different cultures and languages, as well as a deep appreciation for the value of international exchanges. As she continued to explore her interests, Claire also improved her skills in video editing and photography, which further expanded her abilities in the field of non-formal education. She now uses these skills to create content focused on mindfulness, wellbeing, and personal development.

Today, Claire is the General Secretary of "The Generation of Tomorrow," an association dedicated to promoting non-formal education, youth mobility, and international cooperation, with a special focus on Erasmus+ projects. Through her work with the association, Claire has organized and led numerous projects and activities aimed at providing young people with the skills and experiences they need to succeed in today's globalized world, with a particular emphasis on promoting mental health and wellbeing. She is excited to continue her journey in the field of non-formal education and share her passion for travel, music, yoga, and psychology with the new generation.


Its main missions:

  • Ensures the proper functioning and administrative management

  • Also participates in all decisions of the Association

  • Ensures the compliance of methods, procedures, standards and legislation.

  • Imagine methods of controlling the management of the company and its performance

  • ...

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