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Training Course I in Saint-Georges-d'Oléron, France

A Journey Towards Sustainability

From September 21st, to 28th, 2023 the picturesque town of Saint Georges d'Oléron France played host to an event focused on shaping Europes future. Organized by the Association LA GÉNÉRATION DE DEMAIN Training Course 1 brought together a group of 28 individuals from eight European countries. This gathering went beyond education; it served as a moment in driving green initiatives across the continent aligning with the principles outlined in the European Green Deal.

The course was thoughtfully designed to blend teaching methods with applications resulting in an immersive and enriching learning experience. Right from the start participants engaged in ice breaking activities that broke down barriers and fostered a united yet diverse community of learners.

Building upon research and empirical evidence the course delved into thought provoking discussions on aspects of European sustainability. Topics like carbon neutrality, renewable energy and circular economies were thoroughly. Linked back to each participants home country adding depth and relevance to the dialogue.

A highlight of the week was a visit to environmentally conscious businesses, in Saint Georges d'Oléron—a meticulously planned excursion that allowed participants to witness sustainable practices firsthand.

This wasn't a tour; it was a unique and immersive learning experience that resulted in the creation of podcasts. These podcasts weren't audio files but rather informative capsules filled with valuable knowledge aimed at promoting green entrepreneurship across Europe.

As the week came to an end participants combined their insights to develop action plans. Equipped with skills, expanded perspectives and a stronger sense of community responsibility they returned to their countries as emerging guardians of Europes environmental revolution.

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