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Her History




    Léa is a modest and young woman from eastern France,  currently 23 years old. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication from Metz University, where she developed a keen interest in marketing and public relations. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in various extracurricular activities such as student clubs and volunteered in events, which allowed her to gain practical experience and apply her academic knowledge in real-world situations.

     Currently, Léa is pursuing a Master's degree in Information and Communication at Metz University. In addition to her studies, she is also actively involved in several projects related to marketing and communication. Her focus on marketing and public relations has given her a unique perspective on how to promote events and ideas effectively. Léa's skills in these areas have enabled her to develop innovative strategies for our organisation, where she is an active member

  As a member of "La Generation de Demain ", Léa is particularly interested in marketing and public relations. She uses her skills to promote cultural exchange and education through various events and initiatives. Her contributions to the association include developing marketing plans, creating content for social media platforms, and organizing events that aim to bring young people from different cultures together.


   Léa's passion for culture, education, and events has driven her to explore different perspectives and understand different ways of life. Her experiences traveling to various countries have taught her the importance of diversity and the value of communication. She hopes to use her education, skills, and passions to make a positive impact in her community and inspire others to do the same.


Its main missions:

  • Ensures the proper functioning and administrative management

  • Also participates in all decisions of the Association

  • Ensures the compliance of methods, procedures, standards and legislation.

  • Imagine methods of controlling the management of the company and its performance

  • ...

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